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Author Visits

I offer both in-person and virtual author events for schools, libraries and bookshops depending on your location. Take a look at what I can offer below, and pick a visit that works best for you.

Virtual Author Visits

Virtual author visits are a great way for authors to inspire children creatively, and they offer a greener, more cost-effective way to get authors working directly with children.

What's included? 

My virtual visits run for around 60 minutes and I host them via Zoom. Each session includes an introduction, book reading, a peek inside my studio, a show and tell of my rough and final artworks, a draw-a-long with the children, finishing with a Q&A at the end. The session can be focused on any of my authored books. Multiple classes can join simultaneously from the same school and are included within the cost of the session.


What do I need? 

The most important thing is to have access to Zoom and a decent internet connection. You’ll also need pencils and paper, and lots of budding artists who fancy learning how to draw some of my characters!

How do I book? 

All my virtual visits can be booked using the booking system below. I prefer bookings to go through my online system, but if your organisation isn't set up for this, please get in touch. The majority of my sessions run between 9:00am - 3:00pm UK time, but I can make special arrangements for those in different time zones. 

In-Person Author Visits

Being based in the north of England, I currently only offer my in-person author events to those based in Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, York, Bradford, Derby and Nottingham. However, I consider travelling further afield for events if, for example, multiple schools in the same area are interested in an author visit. 

Bringing my creative process into the classroom, I can offer multiple activities and workshops for my in-person author visits, including creative talks, storytelling, creative writing workshops, and crafting activities. My workshops can be focused on any of my authored books, and are designed to be flexible, meaning that I can accommodate most school timetables. 

If you'd like to book an in-person author visit with mor have any questions, please do contact me using the form below. But before doing so, please read over my privacy policy.

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