Published by Two Hoots (UK) 2017



Rapunzel finds her own way out of the tower, outsmarts the witch and makes an independent life of witch-scaring derring-do. The images, in black, white and yellow, are as bold as the protagonist and the message. The Sunday Times

This is Rapunzel as you've never seen her before. Rising star Woollvin dispatches with the prince and lets her golden-haired princess rely on courage and wits to thwart her witchy captor. A dark, witty and playful retelling with a wonderfully feminist twist. The Bookseller

This bold and funny story removes the handsome prince altogether, making Rapunzel the mistress of her own destiny. Printed with stunning pantone inks, Bethan Woollvin's unique and striking art style and drily comic voice make this perfect for fairy tale fans of all ages. Tutora 

Another uniquely dark and resoundingly comical twist on a classic fairy tale. This Rapuzel has fresh ideas, much more in-keeping with a feisty 21st century protagonist, in our view. We adore Woollvin‘s bold and defiant reinvention of a timeless classic. It’s a highly original take on a long-standing tale and one which cleverly challenges the female role in storytelling. With not a handsome prince in sight, nor a princess in need of saving, this makes for a refreshing alternative finale for Rapunzel. Picture Books Blogger

This bold, daring and funny story dispenses with the traditional handsome prince and empowers a resourceful Rapunzel to not just rewrite her own story but become the mistress of her own destiny. Printed with stunning pantone inks in a visually striking combination of black, grey, yellow and white, Woollvin’s unique and striking artwork and drily comic voice make this the perfect gift for fairy tale fans both young and not-so-young. Lancashire Post